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Spice Girls Fans Demand Refunds After Poor Sound

Spice Girls Fans Demand Refunds After Poor Sound
The Spice Girls have started their 4/5 of the original act reunion tour dates, and things are going badly. Reports are things sound so bad people are demanding refunds… but wait, it’s not the actual quality of the foursome's ropey vocals that’s to blame, but terrible sound issues with the gear.
So step forward Twitter user @JohnnyVedmore who is leading the angry horde: “You don’t ever come to Cardiff and rip off people again. You should publicly apologise, and reimburse the fans who were affected by the sound issues. It was lazy and fraudulent not to fix the sound issues after the gig in Ireland went so badly. Apologise now!”
Yeah, there’s some annoyed people out there. But in the interests of balance we have to mention some fans thought the gig went fine and the Spice Girls sounded like they always did. Make your own jokes people.

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