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Squatters re-open empty Iconic London venue, gigs taking place, booze being sold

Squatters re-open empty Iconic London venue, gigs taking place, booze being sold

Earlier this month, Denmark Street's 12 Bar Club was shut. Now, it has been re-opened... By squatters. Anarchy? Nope- booze is being sold and music is on; business as usual!

The group, called 'Bohemians 4 Soho' re-opened the venue on Friday, An injunction order has now been posted on the venue doors banning parties, the playing of music and distribution of alcohol. Yesterday, Alias Kid played a set at the venue. His is singed to Creation Records, a company founded by Alan McGee, who had this to say: "The destruction of rock n roll culture throughout Britain continues - Lydon predicted it in Anarchy, the amount of venues they are closing for more developments is countrywide… country would be the right use of the word for the powers that be".

Meanwhile, a new official outpost of the venue has opened on Holloway Road in north London, at Phibbers pub. 12 Bar manager Andy Lowe has said of the new 12 Bar: "Obviously, there will be lots of teething troubles as it is such a new and different environment in every sense but it is an area that does have music venues, some of which do well and some not so well. Buffalo Bar used to be just down the road from our new place and that was great.There is a large student demographic in the area so there is a lot of potential there, as some venues have been well sustained around here, but others have not."

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