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St Vincent’s mockumentary is out: here’s a great song from it

St Vincent’s mockumentary is out: here’s a great song from it
Carrie Brownstein has proven comedy skills, and now the world will discover St. Vincent has too, as the pair combined to create a new Mockumentary / post modern nightmare movie that was released over the weekend. In it, St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, plays a spoof of herself.
Due to a packed weekend we haven’t watched the movie, but we have listened to the excellent soundtrack, which is probably the wrong way round, and we’ve got the title track for you today which is all kinds of cool and aching: The Nowhere Inn.
Speaking to Variety, Annie said “It was an incredibly warm and welcoming way to do my first foray into acting, because it was a script that I’d co-written with my best friend, and playing versions of myself… So it was as soft a landing as one could get. But not having some distance can be tricky, too.”

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