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Standon Calling cancelled on final day due to bad weather

Standon Calling cancelled on final day due to bad weather
Boris may have said festivals can go ahead, but the gods of Thunder and Rain said no. Standon Calling took place in Hertfordshire this weekend, and Primal Scream was due to close the show Sunday evening. 
However, after suspending performances the event was cancelled halfway through the day because of the torrential rain. “Unfortunately due to flooding we will no longer be able to proceed with the festival,” they explained via Twitter. “If you can safely leave the site this evening please do so as soon as possible. We are working on getting everyone off site as safely and quickly as possible.”
People who couldn’t leave – perhaps due to having had a bit of cider – where offered assistance: “If you are unable to leave site safely (for example if you are intoxicated, your lift cannot get to you or you can’t get to your public transport this evening) please head to the Campsite Office in the Village Green (or reception if you are in boutique or Lavish Lands) where we will be providing details on the provisions we will be making for you. In the meantime please stay as warm, hydrated and dry as possible. We will post the latest updates straight to the Campsite Office as well as on twitter and our web page.”
I mean, given the weather, that’s pretty much Britain back to normal isn’t it.

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