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Status Quo's Rick Parfitt was 'clinically dead' in June

Status Quo's Rick Parfitt was 'clinically dead' in June

Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt was "clinically dead" following a heart attack in June.

Following their show at EXPO 2016 in Antalaya, Turkey, the guitarist had a heart attack that was gravely severe. It was his fourth heart attack in his life, his first was in 1997.

Quo’s manager Simon Porter said: “Now is the time to reveal that Rick actually 'died' for several minutes directly following his heart attack, which resulted in mild cognitive impairments for which he continues to receive neuropsychological support.”

Porter told WENN that Parfitt is expected to make a full recovery, however touring looks unlikely as Parfitt wants to make eight-year-old twin children Tommy and Lily his priority. Porter said: “Rick may well have performed his last show with Quo, but no final decision will be made until next year. Regardless, it is his wish that the band continue to tour as planned and he will always be a part of Quo’s numerous other off stage activities.”

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