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Steel Panther are not changing in the face of cancel culture

Steel Panther are not changing in the face of cancel culture
If you’re familiar with the work of Steel Panther and you’re wondering how they get away with it in the current cancel culture climate, the answer appears to be not giving a shit. If you’re not familiar, they sing a parody of hair metal sex tunes that would scare your pastor.
They were interview on The Classic Metal Show, and were adamant: “there’s no way that this band, that any one of us four, would ever consider going, ‘You know what, guys? Maybe we should tone it down so we don’t bum anybody out.'”
The authors of songs about bukkake and old people having orgies went on to say: “There’s a freedom about being in Steel Panther that we can say what we want, how we want. And the way that you feel about it as a listener, that’s exactly what we’re going for… We want people to fucking feel like they can just let their fucking hair down with Steel Panther . That was very intentional. We’re, like, ‘We’re not fucking changing for nobody.'”

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