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Steve Coogan Speaks Partridge and When New Series Will be Here

Steve Coogan Speaks Partridge and When New Series Will be Here
We have been excited for months now about the new series of Alan Partridge, which promised to take the berk into the world of Brexit. Well, we have good news: the man behind the mask, Steve Coogan, has said Alan will be back on our screens in February, just as we’re preparing to have no medicine.
Even better, Coogan explained how Alan wasn’t just going to look askew at Brexit and the One Show, but many other topics of the day, such Me Too: “What we do is we have him trying to jump on the bandwagon and say, you know, he says ‘Hey! I’ve made mistakes, I’ve stood on the side of the sidewalk and slow hand-clapped while I watch a woman try to parallel park, you know, and I feel bad about that. And now if I saw a woman doing it now, I would shout instructions’,” Coogan told the WTF Podcast.
He continued “He’s sometimes ignorant and prejudiced but he tries to do the right thing. Early on we made him too predictably conservative a bit like shooting fish in a barrel – a caricature. Whereas now we do him as someone who realises that he’s got to get on message. He’s struggling to do the thing he’s supposed to.”

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