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Stipe Eyes Up Manilow as Film Hit

Mamma Mia has a lot to answer for, including Pierce Brosnan attempting to sing. And failing. But there’s no getting away from it, the musical and film have been a massive hit, and the copycats are now sniffing around, trying to identify the next big musical. Barry Manilow’s music wouldn’t have been my first choice, but two productions companies – including one behind Mamma Mia – have teamed up with Manilow to produce a romantic comedy which will heavily feature his songs. As Variety reports “intersecting storylines involving Manilow fans who are all arriving in Las Vegas on a weekend where Manilow will headline Mandalay Bay.” So why, you may be thinking, is Supajam reporting this? Besides for predicting what to give untrendy mother’s as presents in 2011. Well, Michael Stipe, singer of REM, is helping to produce it! Is he a closet Manilow fan, is he just after the money, and can we blame him when we’re forced to endure trailers for it?

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