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Stone Roses release new track 'All For One' - was it worth the wait?

Was the new Stone Roses song worth the wait?

Holy Madchester, Batman, The Stone Roses are back with their first single in 21 years. It arrives in the form of 'All For One'.

Now, in an interview about the release, the group say that they "got together with the deliberate intention of composing a classic song, and that's just about what we've done". It sounds more like they've all gathered around a decent riff, and thrown caution to the wind with an improvised values to the rest. And that's worked, sort of.

A lot of comments have been along the lines of 'it could only be the Stone Roses' or 'more of the same', but there's a distinct stadium feel to 'All For One'. It's hard to tell whether this is satire of the culture in which they've inspired, or the sound of Stone Roses' "deliberate intention of composing a classic song." It is a brain wormer, you'd say, almost mantra-esque in Ian Brown's "I am the resurrection" vocal, which are ensnaring.

The group are a band defined by context, as they've long represented such a specific moment in time. So to see them at number one in the charts is just down right odd. Is this a 'current' movement or just a porthole through to that moment in time? Who's next for a comeback, John Major? Sweet Valley High? It remains to be seen.

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