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Stormzy confirmed as Glastonbury 2019 Headliner

Stormzy confirmed as Glastonbury 2019 Headliner
The rumour was true: Stormzy is going to be the Friday headliner of Glastonbury 2019. It’s not really been announced, but Oxfam shops started displaying posters from the ‘Glastonbury Free Press’ with it on and this appears to be true. 
Cue lots of middle class people moaning on the internet, but it’s not like Stormzy’s going to be anywhere near the rubbish of Jay-Z’s headlining. 
No news on whether Kylie will be taking a slot, or who’ll be headlining elsewhere. The rumour that Childish Gambino might do it is salivating, that Liam Gallagher might do it repellent.

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