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Stormzy replies to critics of his Glastonbury booking

Stormzy replies to critics of his Glastonbury booking
Stormzy is headlining Glastonbury 2019, and while the festival has been moving with the times over the years some of potential audience haven’t, with complaints varying from he isn’t a big enough star to moans there wasn’t a white indie guy in his place. Given that Stormzy is one of the most exciting musicians of any genre at the moment, crossing boundary after boundary, his reply was always going to be good. 
It came via a chat with Elle, and Stormzy put forth positivity: “I feel like I have so much to prove, but at the end of the day, I’m Stormzy – and I’m meant to be here…This is the biggest moment. The biggest stage, the biggest all-eyes-on-me kind of spotlight in my career, ever. But if you are waiting for the headliner to give you the Glastonbury headline-calibre performance, then have no fear, calm down, settle.”
It’s going to be special for him: “You see how Coldplay or Beyonce or Radiohead treat Glastonbury? It’s just another show; a day in the office – only it’s the biggest fucking day in the office, ever…  get it. Only one album, where’s all the number ones? But I think the argument doesn’t even deserve the fuel. When 28 June comes, either everyone will be proved right or wrong, but I am the headliner and I will come and give you a headline performance… I am looking forward to doing exactly what I know I am capable of doing.”

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