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Stranger Things sued by another writer

Stranger Things sued by another writer
Stranger Things seems to be open to lawsuits from, frankly, jealous writers who want a piece of the pie. Netflix have always maintained that “There is no shortage of people who would like to claim credit for creating Stranger Things. But the truth is the show was independently conceived by The Duffer Brothers, and is the result of their creativity and hard work.”
They were sued by Charlie Kessler, who claimed the Duffer Brothers nicked his ideas, but quit the lawsuit the day before court presumably because he knew he couldn’t win and hadn’t got a payout. Now Jeffrey Kennedy is suing saying the show took “plot, sequence, characters, theme, dialogue, mood, and setting, as well as copyrighted concept art” from a script he’d done.
Netflix have explained Kennedy didn’t get a payout from them and sued, and the press reports of similarities are thin: “a little girl named Kimimela or ‘Kimi’ for short who has supernatural powers. Kimimela helps her friends find the portal gate to an alternate supernatural plane and helps them battle the plane’s inhabitants; a dark spirit named Azrael and his army of Blackwolf.”
But that’s the thing about Stranger Things: it didn’t do anything original, but it did things brilliantly and among the best they’ve ever been done, so all these people can draw comparisons and leap in with conspiracy theories.

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