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Strokes’ Man: New Album Like Ah-Ha?

There are some things a band just shouldn’t mention when talking about what their next album might sound like. One of those things is Norwegian 80s pop stars Ah-Ha. When Strokes’ singer Julian Casablancas was talking to XFM, he confirmed that there would be a new album from the band, and went on to add "I have my own personal wish that it would sound like Thin Lizzy, but if they could peer into the future and kind of have eighties melodies. Like a super-tight late seventies rock band but with A-Ha moments, if that makes sense." Erm, okay. But what are the chances of that actually happening? "The Strokes is a tough musical jury, so if something is going to survive it's got to pretty much please five incredibly picky dudes. That's the great thing about the band but on the other hand sometimes it can be stifling for certain parts.” Much better.

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