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Students at Queen Mary University of London campaigning to rename building 'Wiley'

Students at Queen Mary University of London campaigning to rename building 'Wiley'

As you probably remember, we've really enjoyed documenting the interactions of Wiley with University students in the past. We all remember the University of Surrey fiasco, when he went to war with them...

Well, in a u-turn, he's now being heralded by those who go to Queen Mary University of London - they want to name a building after him.

Now, you'd think that that sentence alone was a wonderful piece of satire... However, they're being TOTALLY honest: they have created a petition for it and everything.

Susanna Mollah and Navaid Ghouri, want to name the newly-built university building The Wiley Graduate Centre. And the campaign seems to have a fair amount of support behind it, 333 signatures to be exact.

Mollah writes, "Kylea Richard Cowie (aka Wiley) has made significant contributions to the field of music, achieved through the means of innovation and can be credited with developing a whole genre of music altogether, UK Grime."

She also adds, "Commuting to University on a regular basis, I (Susanna) pass the areas that Wiley refers to in his music, thinking how lucky I am that I can advance myself whilst so many others are stuck. Your eyes cannot be blinded by the poverty that is in this and all the surrounding areas (Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Mile End, Bow E3 [Wiley's borough], Stratford). It's unfair and needs to change."

She adds, "The attainment gap in education is still very much present. There are many local students who struggle because they do not possess the essential cultural and material capital to progress in life.

"Wiley helped me instil a sense of ambition, resolve and drive. I want all the local students to recognise that things don't have to stay as they are and that you can better yourself if the institutions are willing to support you."

Wow... Compelling... I'm going to sign that petition.

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