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Study: Drake slows your running while Beyonce speeds you up

Study: Drake slows your running while Beyonce speeds you up
Runners, do you like listening to music while you’re out pounding the streets? (Or using your treadmill, something muggins here has never been able to adapt to). Of course you do, but have you ever considered what effect the music has on your running?
Ladies clothing shop Pour Moi have, as they’ve run a little study of twenty runners. We’ve seen this accurately but brutally described by other outlets as ‘non-scientific’ so we’ll do the same, but it is fun: they discovered that runners listening to Drake were 21 seconds a kilometre slower than their non music average…. Yes, certified lover boy slows you down. Must be all that loving. Other slow aural lead weights included Nicki Minaj and BTS.
Of course, some people speed you up. Step forward Beyonce, who made people go thirty three seconds a km on average faster than normal, which is pretty impressive stuff. Crazy in Love indeed. Bizarrely Adele is in the top five boosters, so we assume not one of her hits that stops you to have a cry in the middle of the path.
Here’s the full report, you might want to buy sportswear after. 

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