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Study finds musicians more likely to suffer with anxiety or depression

Study finds musicians more likely to suffer with anxiety or depression

Do you find great solace in music when suffering in darker, more anxious moments? I certainly do. Well, the fact that music makes a relatable art makes sense, as a new study has found that musicians are more likely to suffer with anxiety or depression.

From the 2,221 people  surveyed, with the largest group (39%) consisting of musicians, they found they're apparently three times more likely to suffer with anxiety than the average person.

“The difficulty of sustaining a living, anti-social working hours, exhaustion, and the inability to plan their time/future” are some of the conditions that factor into the likelihood of these mental issues, according to the research done by the University of Westminster.

Some of our society's greatest failures are associated with mental health, and other health issues are critically under-addressed, especially in the music industry. Gender-based discrimination is also reported to contribute to depression, according to the report: “issues related to the problems of being a woman in the industry—from balancing work and family commitments, to sexist attitudes and even sexual harassment.”

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