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Success story: SupaJam artist becomes sound of USA's Breyers Ice Cream Ad

Success story: SupaJam artist becomes sound of Breyers Ice Cream Ad

Long ago, in a Facebook post far away, we asked you and all the new artists who 'like' our page to come up with a new incarnation of The Young Bloods' 'Get Together' for the historic US Ice Cream brand, Breyers.

We had over 300 people respond to our ad, and after much deliberation, we offered the best tracks we felt were most fitting for the company.

We are proud to announce the amazing Natalie Holmes is now the sound of Breyers' delicious moments - allowing her to serenade sweet-toothed yanks for years to come! This has obviously put us in a very good mood.

Natalie has also just released a brand new EP entitled, Child - we're sure you'll enjoy it.

Here's the ad:

And Natalie's brand new video, 'Child':

We love helping bands, and this is just a modicum of what we do for emerging artists. So please, if you are involved in a band or know somebody else who is in one, tell them to visit us regularly and like us on Facebook as we don't plan on changing any time soon.

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