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Suede’s debut getting another rerelease

Suede’s debut getting another rerelease
2018 is the 25th anniversary of Suede’s debut LP, so what better time to release it again, this time in the ‘Silver Edition’. 
So what’s new? The old album, of course, but with four CDs of demos, b-sides and live tracks, plus a DVD with more live tracks on it. 
Here’s Brett explaining why this LP is still so fresh: “The album is charged with a naivety but it manages to have a feel which I still love; it rages and it screams, it yelps and it whispers and captures some truth of who we were at that moment in our lives: youthful, impertinent, ambitious and flawed… I only have sunny memories of those days. It was a wonderful time for us when we were all still young men; wild – eyed and passionate and heedless, when we were still united and mutually purposeful and when it felt like the world could be ours.”

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