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Supajam Finalists Sign Deal

on a Sony backed label.

SupaJam "Fast Track To FIB 2010" finalists Some Velvet Morning have signed a combined recording and publishing deal with a brand new kind of label that goes by the name of My Major Company. After having huge success in France, the Sony ATV and PIAS backed label My Major Company are setting up in the UK with ex-Warner International President Paul-Rene Albertini at the helm.

Some Velvet Morning are the first act to sign to My Major Company in the UK which has "fan investment" at the core of its business.

"Innovation and creative new musical models were what we've been looking for... The music industry is dead! Long live the music industry!!! When Some Velvet Morning were approached by My Major Record company I was sceptical to see how an investor model could work where others have failed. I was quickly reassured that this was not just an IT guru looking for a fast buck but actually a fully functioning indie label with the back bone of PIAS and Sony ATV that offered musicians and fans alike a new way to produce and discover music and co-profit in the success. It wasn't long before I signed!" says SVM manager James Wilkinson.

There will be a chance for fans to become part of the story and actually invest in Some Velvet Morning's album and share in the band's success. More will be revealed at SVM's gig at The Barfly in Camden, London on Wednesday 8th September.

See and listen to Some Velvet Morning on Supajam.

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