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Supajam Founders named as Soho House Pioneers

Supajam Founders named as Soho House Pioneers
Supajam isn’t just a website which reports on excellent music. It is in fact the digital arm of an educational initiative that provides training in the music industry for people who have faced challenges in their young lives: SupaJam Education in Music and Media. SEMM has scored some of the highest rankings for its kind of school, and its students have helped curate a stage on the Black Deer Festival among other highlights.
Supajam’s founders, David Court and Nick Stillwell, have now been named ‘Pioneers’ by Soho House. This entailed SH studying thousands of people from across the world in how they advance and help people’s lives, and sees our pair named as 13 winners, alongside human right’s lawyers, leaders in technology and more.
You can find more about SEMM here: https://www.semmuk.com/
You can read more about the Soho House Pioneers and their excellent and diverse work here: https://pioneers.sohohouse.com/

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