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Supajam Gibson EP: Novella

Novella have sold out their first two singles, and have regularly delivered amazing gigs.. its probably time you got to know them..

Described by Clash magazine as matching "a zen-like cool with a live set which bristled with potential," we're proud to say Novella are our latest EP band. The London based 3 piece are rapidly winning over discerning fans in the capital-- alongside gushing press reports, they have completely sold out both of their first two singles, with their 5 track EP now on a second -nearly sold out again- pressing. The band make a sweet-spikey indie sound that reminds this scribe of the wonderous Electrelaine, the melancholy tinged inertia of summer holidays, and a holistic DIY punk aesthetic that rejects the slick commercial mainstream.

Have a listen to their excellent Don't Believe Ayn Rand below, and go over to their EP page to hear more tracks and read on


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