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Supajam and Black Deer Festival announce the Supajam Stage

Supajam and Black Deer Festival announce the Supajam Stage
Black Deer is the UK’s leading Americana festival, focusing on the music, sights, smells and tastes of the Country and Americana scene. It’s hosted prime US talent (and chefs), but also become a stage for UK acts that harken to oversees too. It’s weathered two difficult years due to Covid cancellations, but everything is running smoothly for a triumphant 2022. Tickets are on sale now and headliners include Wilco, Imelda May, Van Morrison and Foy Vance.
Ever since Black Deer started they’ve had a close relationship with the local Supajam School in Kent, which provides educational and music focused opportunities for disadvantaged young adults, and of which we are a part. So, we’re pleased to announce for 2022 there will be a Supajam Stage.
What’s that? Well, the students of Supajam will be curating and running the stage: picking the acts, sorting the PR, setting up, twiddling knobs, in short a complete course in running a festival within a festival. The great news today is we can bring you the acts: Orange Circus Band, Franky Perez, Dan Clews, The Paul Dunton Orchestra, Luke Jackson and Hobo and the Hippies will be performing, and James Kirby, Alexander Mckay, Dull Knife, Matthew Falloon, Izzie Yardley, Coney Island Maybe, The River Flows, RJ Ellory And The Whiskey Poets, Ava’Mae, Richard Sharp, Rattlesnake Hearts, Jazz, Phil Hooley, Red, Green and Blue and David Mumford join the lineup too. And that’s just one of Black Deer’s multiple stages!
Supajam’s students do not take things easy: when Black Deer had to be postponed in 2021 due to Covid, the students created their own mini festival to bring cheer to the hearts of the Black Deer team, running the White Hart festival. Now they’re back at the big show proper.
Tickets for all this are available now. Black Deer is running 17th to 19th June, at Eridge Park in Kent. There’s more information here: https://blackdeerfestival.com/announcing-the-supajam-stage-for-2022/
Here is the Orange Circus Band, who will be performing:

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