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Supajam at Black Deer Festival: Under the Apple Tree

Supajam at Black Deer Festival: Under the Apple Tree
As you may know, the team at Supajam’s educational wing are curating a stage at the Black Deer Festival this summer. As well as quality music, we’re pleased to announce we will be teaming with none other than Bob Harris, one of the few remaining good radio DJs. 
He’ll be presenting Friday’s Under the Apple Tree sessions, named after Bob’s own orchard based studio. You’ll get a mixture of music and discussion from the acts who, on Friday 21st June, Bob Harris himself will be presenting  Ethan Johns, Irish Mythen, John Smith and Ferris and Sylvester. Over the weekend Marc West will be taking over from Bob, and acts include Billy Bragg, Larkin Poe, Worrys Dolls and Ryan Bingham. 
But say you’re already excited for the music and want to know what else is happening. Well, the Live Fire Arena isn’t something military, but a site for BBQ food… and oh what food. A selection of butchers, chefs, pitmasters and more will be cooking all sorts of fascinating food from the meaty to the vegan. 
Meanwhile more acts have been announced: Billy Bragg, Yola, Black Eyed Dogs (we always misread that and see Peas in our nightmares), Treetop Flyers and many more. Black Deer Festival happens June 21st to 23rd in Kent.

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