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Supajam’s Best Tracks of 2013: 20 - 1

Supajam’s Best Tracks of 2013: 20 - 1
Another year has gone, and the musicians of the world have proved again that it’s possible to keep engaging audiences with the same old instruments. (This isn’t a call to Dyson to prepare something that plays a tune for 2014.) So, here is Supajam’s selection of the best singles of 2013, drawn from across our team. Let us know yours.

20. Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub
A song to keep ready for when you need to be happy. Tropical indie pop sounds mixed nicely with slightly gruff vocals to create the image of working people escaping to a beach.

19. What Is Love by Flutes
Yes, that ‘What is Love’. Flutes took their melancholy style and covered Haddaway, taking an old pop tune and creating a song of real gravitas and emotion. It came out as a b-side, and lived on in our hearts.

18. Fresh by Summer Camp
When Summer Camp sing about first love being the best, generations of indie fans were transported back to their youths, and people currently there given a vote of confidence. It helped that the song was stylish and smooth.


17. Pursuit by Geseffelstein
The sound of robots pursing you down a metallic labyrinth, Pursuit was not suitable for playing late at night as you walked home alone. It was, however, fantastic, driving, dark and uncompromising.

16. Sacrilege by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
In which the Yeah Yeah Yeahs bring in a gospel choir to kick their song into space. Never has the thought of going against scripture been so beguiling.


15. Youth by Daughter
This song is made by the raw guitar, mellow voice and booming drums beautifully conveying the deep lyrics and powerful mood. It’s far from unusual for Daughter to be this good.

14. Tough Love by Sailor & I
A dramatic orchestral piece with drums that could soundtrack the mightiest of unnatural disasters. This emotive yet towering Swedish nugget of beauty made our day, and continues to move us.

13. Alles Was Ich Will by We Butter The Bread With Butter
A confident stomp leads the synths, roars, shouts, wailing guitars and industrial chugs that make up WBTBWB's unique sound. If you want to pick through the layers to find the myriad of elements on offer then you can, but if not then the surface level of pounding metal is enough to fill your boots with.

12. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die by David Bowie
This contained both devastating lyrics (‘I can see you as a corpse hanging from a beam… oh please, please make it soon’) and the dramatic grandeur of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide’ bundled up and presented under Bowie MK 2013. If ‘Where Are We Now?’ implied a frail and ageing master, then this track showed fervent bitter anger and musical grace in total command – compelling stuff.

11. Love More Worry Less by Bipolar Sunshine
Smooth but gritty, touching, and tackling serious issues without getting preachy, Bipolar Sunshine could bring a tear to your eye with this song. Not that we’re admitting that…

10. She by Wolf Alice
The vote for Wolf Alice songs was split by the quality they produced, but in the end we went for the one that grabs you and makes your heart pound along.

9. Girls by The 1975
We really enjoyed the way The 1975 merged those 80’s guitar sounds to a more modern and unique vocal set, and sounded as if they were having fun all the way.

8. Before I Ever Met You by Banks
The fluid delivery and ominous backing makes Banks sound like the apex predator of tomorrow's urban jungle. The production is punishing, and there's a real snarl to it.

7. The Lost Art of Living by The Doppler Shift
The Supajam camp were split over which Doppler Shift song was the best, but on Lost Art of Living the band trump 99% of all Hollywood films with their imagery and fire.

6. Strong by London Grammar
Hannah's voice sitting on that wire-frame opening is divine. With a reserved backing it carries the whole song in a way that few voices can. This distant loneliness connotes the disappointment in the lyrics.

5. Inhaler by Foals
Technically around in 2012, but on an album from 2013. Falsetto - check. Dirty grove – Check.  The year Foals became a headline band – Check.

4. Get Lucky by Daft Punk
We know we’re are all bored of it now but when this hit in April it was impossible to ignore. Not only did it soundtrack the entire summer GLOBALLY it turned the French band into next year’s Glastonbury headliners. Wanna bet against it?

3. Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys
A dirty, sexy fucker of a record and their most immediate single for years.

2. Who Needs You by The Orwells
If rock is supposed to be rebellious, then The Orwells made the statement of the year by rejecting patriotism and the American dream with a youthful sneer and a counterpoint missing from the mainstream US media.

1.Reflektor by Arcade Fire
Praise the lord for James Murphy! On this track Winn Butler showed us all that his band knew how to party in their own unique way. The album was controversial, splitting the Supajam team into those who loved it and those disappointed, but this single united all.

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