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Superfans are what keep UK music festivals going

Superfans are what keep UK music festivals going

Are you a festival freak? Do you find yourself counting wristbands, tallying off the amount of times you've seen Chris Martin dance and came to sat under a tree in the woods? Well, we salute you, as you're what keeps festivals going!

Yes, according to new research conducted by Eventbrite, these superfans spend an average of £581 a year on music festivals, often opting for VIP passes or upgraded camping options. The group - dubbed as "superfans" - help to "drive the music festivals market", often recommending music and events to their friends.

They account for 28% of the festival-going audience, and 54% of them say they would be willing to attend an event alone. On average, they spend £45 more per event than a casual fan. But 46% also suggest festivals are becoming "too corporate".

After Brexit, the future of music festivals has been plunged into doubt with many folding again over this summer. You can be sure of one thing though: 88% of superfans will be back next year.

"It has been a challenging year for some festivals, with inclement weather conditions, general economic uncertainty following Brexit, rising expenditure and heightened security concerns," said Paul Reed, who runs the Association of Independent Festivals. "This research illustrates that the sector remains buoyant, that festival promoters are resilient and will continue to craft unforgettable experiences for audiences, who are keen to return year on year to their favourite events."

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