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THIS is how you release a single

Lauren Aquilina unleashed her second EP on the world in a unique manner.

We're always up for something different. There's so many releases, announcements, launches and parties that it can be tough to care about anything but the biggest at times. Albums, tours, singles... yada yada yada. All tied up in rivetting press releases that have been roided up with hyperbole to the point that they're about to burst. So much!

Considering musicians are supposed to be creative-types, it's astounding how dull their promotional tactics can be sometimes. Therefore, stumbling across something that genuinely gets your attention is always a plus. The music's good too, bonus.

Last month Lauren Aquilina released her EP Sinners, and took the time to send it out to the world in an uplifting way. The 18 year-old independent artist put numerous copies of the EP onto USB sticks and... the video is below so you can watch it.

Ha! UPLIFTING, you get it? Reminds me of those balloon races you used to have at school where the furthest balloon found from school would get a... can't remember, never won.

Anyway, it's only fair that if you like the idea and the music in the video then you should probably buy the EP.

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