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Taylor Swift sends lawyers after blog discussing her and the alt-right

Taylor Swift sends lawyers after blog discussing her and the alt-right
There’s a lot of things Taylor Swift doesn’t like, and free speech is one of them. When politically aware blog PopFront posted a dissection of Taylor’s recent output, they explored what they thought was a reflection of America’s alt right, white supremacy and white privilege in her work, even dropping in some references to Hitler’s rallies and Swift’s videos. 
Swift responded by demanding the story be deleted or a defamation case would be brought. But PopFront is American, and so the editor, Meghan Herning, has her right to free speech protected by a constitution, and she went to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), who sided with her: Swift is attempting to clamp down on a genuine cultural and political discussion just because she doesn’t like it. 
Swift has long been an arrogant figure, clearly disappearing into her own privilege, and this is well supported by previous events. Now, we don’t want to get sued by her, so we’ll just link to PopFront’s dissection of Swifto, and drop in a quote from the ACLU:
“The blog post is a mix of core political speech and critical commentary; it discusses current politics in this country, the recent rise of white supremacy, and the fact that some white supremacists have apparently embraced Ms Swift, along with a critical interpretation of some of Ms Swift’s music, lyrics, and videos. “

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