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Taylor Swift’s deal is about to end: the next one could make history

Taylor Swift’s deal is about to end: the next one could make history
It might be hard to believe, but Taylor Swift is still under the terms of the deal she signed when she was fifteen… and having sold forty million albums that deal comes to an end in the next few weeks.
Obviously, Taylor will continue to release music, the question is with who? Here’s music lawyer Doug Davis speaking to Variety: “There’s no precedent to look to regarding the top-selling artist of the digital era becoming a total free agent… Taylor Swift is at an extraordinary point in her career where she can write her own ticket in regards to the commercial terms and deal structure… If she is seeking to break financial records and extend with a major, she could have the biggest artist deal of the century so far. If she wants to be creative and choose an alternative structure for capitalisation, she could create her own business model. It’s very exciting.”
This could be a big one. 

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