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Thanks to Love Island we have to talk about Blazin Squad

Thanks to Love Island we have to talk about Blazin Squad
Love Island is an ITV reality show where lots of vapid, horrible people we’re encouraged to think are attractive act like nasty sods to each other. On it this year is Marcel Somerville, who nobody needs to know was in Blazin’ Squad, the boy band for people who thought they were street for boy bands.
However… we have to talk about Blazin’ Squad. Now, it’s been reported that streams of the band have increased by 2500% since he joined the show, although 2500% of nothing is still very little indeed. What’s funny is everything is perfectly set up for the band to reform and make some cash, and why else is he in there. but he’s playing it very coy indeed:
“Right now I don’t think it’s the right time for the squad to reunite. Obviously I’ll come out of there and we’ll probably do some gigs but I don’t know whether or not it’ll be the full 10, but you never know.”
Indeed “You might get lucky and we might do a one-off but I’m throwing it out there. It’s not a definite but there’s possibilities in the near future that might happen… But there’s also possibilities that in the near future we could all get back together and do a couple of songs – maybe do an album. You got to give us time mate. Everyone’s doing their own little things. It’s a patience game, man. Getting 10 people together is really hard these days.”
We don’t believe for you for a fucking second.

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