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The Alex From Glasto thing has now spawned a single

The Alex From Glasto thing has now spawned a single
Alex Mann was a viral hit in the days after Glastonbury, after Dave pulled him from the crowd to do a few bars. People watched and went deep on the AlexFromGlasto hashtag.
And that’s where it should have stayed.
But no, Alex Mann appeared on This Morning, got a modelling deal, and has now released a fucking single called What You Know Bout That Bro.
Now, keen Supajam readers will know this is normally where we embed the video, because there is nothing more pointless than a ‘there’s a song but you can’t hear it’ post. But to be honest What You Know is so shitty and cringe we’re not adding it, this viral sensation should just disappear to the Know Your Meme archives.

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