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The Alien sequels are in jeopardy

The Alien sequels are in jeopardy
Long-time fans of the Alien franchise weren’t thrilled with Prometheus, but it looked to have breathed new life into the franchise when Ridley Scott said Covenant would be the start of three films. 
Unfortunately, that might not be the case. Hollywood Reporter have run an article looking at major franchises, and they note how Covenant experienced a big drop off in receipts and didn’t return great worldwide numbers. It’s in profit, but it might not be seen as the home run trilogy kicker it needed to be.
The Reporter says Fox is going to “reassess” the Alien franchise and see what’s needed, because they’re all about money and the current path isn’t generating enough of it. Has Michael Fassbender fan fiction not appealed to enough people (that’s as spoiler free a mention as we can make).
The answer is probably, yes, Ridley Scott has muddled the franchise and then crashed it into an asteroid. We wouldn’t be surprised if half of you read this piece and said ‘good, get that man’s hands off it’. 

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