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SupaJam's Best Albums of 2013: Numbers 20 - 16

The Best Albums of 2013: 20 - 16

We’ve been told the LP is dead, killed by an emphasis on buying just the good tracks. We dispute this, because while albums full of filler are dying off, some long players are crammed from start to finish with quality. This is our selection of the best from 2013, unveiled over the week, starting with 20 - 16. Let us know yours.

20. Howlin’ by Jagwar Ma
A highly contagious infusion of dance and guitar music that feels retro and yet brand new at the same time.  A fantastic debut from ‘Down-Under.’ Play this and keep summer going into the nea year.

19. Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts
One of the best straight up indie rock record of the year, with an equally impressive EP to boot; seek out both and enjoy the sneer and the snap.

18. In a Perfect World by Kodaline
This Irish rock/pop quartet released a debut album that was both gut-wrenchingly emotional and yet strangely uplifting. A heartfelt acoustic folk record that was the perfect companion to summer.

17. Static by Cults
Still the best thing to ever be associated with Lily Allen, Cults produced a superb pop album for their sophomore record. One Supajam staffer will listens to it on a daily basis.

16. Conduit by Funeral For A Friend
FFAF's sixth album thundered out at the beginning of the year. Trimming off all the fat (only two tracks are over three minutes), the band unleash a relentless sprint of raw post-hardcore. There are still choruses to shout along to ('Nails' is a highlight), with some smart lyrics thrown in for good measure. It's the sound of a band rediscovering their best direction.

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