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The Best Albums of 2013 5 - 1

The Best Albums of 2013 5 - 1

Here's the big reveal.

5. In Love by Peace
Psychedelia is back with a bang and Peace triumphed in the scene. Their debut offering was, unsurprisingly, dominated by romantic gestures, but it was so powerful it can scarcely fail to leave an impression.


4. AM by Arctic Monkeys
Somewhere along the way Alex Turner adjusted his mission statement. Clearly seeing his band was coasting along, filling out arenas along the way, 2013 was the year he decided to set his sights on the stadiums of 2014. They came back with a dirty groove in Do I Wanna Know and an album designed to win over America and the hearts of the UK once again.


3. Trouble Will Find Me by The National
The key to success is to never mess with a winning formula. With their latest offering The National obey this mantra down to a tee; ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ shows the band are as bleak and sorrowful as ever. Oh, and it’s absolutely brilliant.


2. The Lost Art of Living The Doppler Shift
Why are this band not bigger? If they were weak in one area we could possibly understand it but they have tunes, passion, lyrics and possibly the most intense live show we have seen in the last two years - what's not to like? They delivered the goods in this here their debut album from opener "Antrophy" to the fragility of "The Man Who Was Haunted By His Head" (and the accompanying shoestring video that has since cleaned up several awards.) As if to convince us they weren't just some fluke they went and delivered again on a new EP. Superb.


1. The Revolution Is Never Coming by The Red Paintings
Lady Gaga got the headlines for trying to mix art and pop, dressing the part and producing stylised songs, and on Artpop she largely failed to convince. Luckily the rock world has The Red Paintings, who are theatric and fully capable of achieving the grand gestures they wanted. It’s a dense album and can take a few listens, but then it obsesses you.


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