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The Blink 182 saga continues: the band hit back at 'disrespectful' Tom DeLonge

The Blink 182 saga continues: the band hit back at 'disrespectful' Tom DeLonge

Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker hit back at Tom DeLonge's claims that he hasn't left the band, calling him "disrespectful and ungrateful".

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the remaining members have straightened out the issue.

"Every single thing that we’ve heard from his camp - from e-mails from his manager to our production team - was, 'Tom is out indefinitely, for the foreseeable future, Tom is done'," said Hoppus. 

He continued: "It feels humiliating to be in a band where you have to be apologizing for one person all the time. That’s how it’s felt for a long time."

"I just wish Tom does whatever makes him happy and stops holding Blink-182 back from what we all agree that we’re going to do: play shows, record music, continue this legacy and have a good time doing it."

When asked about Blink carrying on without DeLonge, Hoppus added: "There are legalities involved with this. As Tom pointed out, he technically didn’t quit the band. Then it gets all lawyer-y, which I will leave to the attorneys and managers. I just want to go out and play Blink songs. I want to go out and play the songs that we’ve been spending the last 20 years of our lives writing. That’s what Travis and I want to do. If Tom doesn’t want to do that, which obviously he doesn’t, that’s OK.

"He doesn’t have to be embarrassed or try to claim that he’s secretly really working on Blink. People know what’s up. C’mon, man."

Speaking of Tom DeLonge's exit Barker said it has been a long time coming. "I think he’s just bummed because Mark and I were finally honest. We always covered up for him before. It was always, “We’re going to record an album,” then “Tom refuses to get into the studio without a record deal.” So everyone does hella amounts of work to get a record deal and now Tom isn’t part of Blink-182. It’s hard to cover for someone who’s disrespectful and ungrateful. You don’t even have the balls to call your bandmates and tell them you’re not going to record or do anything Blink-related. You have your manager do it.

"Everyone should know what the story is with him and it’s been years with it. When we did get back together after my plane crash, we only got back together, I don’t know, maybe because I almost died. But he didn’t even listen to mixes or masterings from that record. He didn’t even care about it. Why Blink even got back together in the first place is questionable."

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