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The CIA has made its own board games to teach

The CIA has made its own board games to teach

Board games are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, which is great for choice and availability but annoying for those of us bullied into submission for liking them at school. Speaking of psychopaths gaming the rules, the CIA has revealed it has created bespoke board games to train its staff.

Ars Technica has the full report, but to give you some flavour, there’s a Pandemic style collaborative game where players take on roles like ‘economic analyst’ and try to solve problems over the globe, and a Magic The Gathering style card game, just with genuine world problems instead of dragons, which isn’t a sentence we thought we’d be typing today.

When Trump has alienated and destroyed the CIA totally maybe they’ll raise funds by selling us these games so we can have a go: who doesn’t want to play Kingpin: The Hunt for El Chapo when it was created by the actual CIA.

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