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The Chainsmokers are turning Paris into a movie

The Chainsmokers are turning Paris into a movie
The Chainsmokers want to be more than just a dance duo, and they founded Kick the Habit Productions to forward other media, or as they put it “The age of being only a musician is over and we’re excited to go all-in on this venture to curate, produce and create meaningful projects.”
So what’s coming? They’ve focused on an IP they’ll definitely be able to get: their own. Their song Paris is being turned into a movie, and if you wondered what it’s all about here’s some explanations they gave. 
“Drew had a friend from the East coast who had been struggling with a drug addiction for the past few years,” they wrote. “He was a childhood friend and their families were close, so his parents kept him informed on how he was doing. He and Drew would keep in touch on Facebook chat but would never speak about what he was going through, but meanwhile Drew knew of all the craziness that surrounded his friend’s life… We used Paris as a metaphor to convey that he felt like he was in a place where everything was fine, while being acutely aware of other people’s concern for him. Paris always being this romantic idealised place, the song is about escaping your reality, a reality often void of excitement and in your mind being somewhere else with someone else.”
None of that might make it into the movie, but it’s an interesting start.

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