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The Chef, the Musician and the Pig

Vegetarians look away now, or get your email heated up ready for some angry letters. Matthew Herbert, a sort of modern art musician, is going to rear a pig, kill it, cook it and the transform the bones into an instrument, which he’ll then play. This is all in aid of his new concept album “One Pig”, all about the life of, you guessed it, the pig. A little bit of class is added to the whole bonkers project by Hester Blumenthal, arguably Britain’s top chef (if you ignore those food poisoning allegations), who is doing the cooking. Herbert also comes out with artwank quotes like "There is all this locked-up potential in sound. That is what my work is about – it is the artist's responsibility to make connections, no matter how absurd they are and where they lead us to." Next week, Radiohead tune up a herring

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