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The Coachella Headliners are Looking Good

The Coachella Headliners are Looking Good
California’s Coachella Festival is taking place during two weekends in April this year, and boy do the headliners look good. On the one hand, your indie is provided Tame Impala on April 13th and 20th, your rap is covered by Childish Gambino on Friday 12th and 19th, while Sunday 14 and 21 is the chance to do your pop thing with Ariana Grande.
There’s a long list of other acts on the bill, and we’ve picked some out: Aphex Twin, Chvrches, Blood Orange, Charlotte Gainsbourg and man more. 
No sign, however, of Kanye West who was rumoured to have been booked, argued with the festival over stage size and quit in a huff all before the announcements.

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