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The Coral: half an album and indefinite hiatus

Work has stopped.

Ian Skelly, the drummer from The Coral, has been talking to NME and the news won’t please fans. He explained how the band have recorded half an album with John Leckie on production duties, but then decided to go on an indefinite hiatus because they:

“just needed a break from it… We've been together since we were about 13, almost every day, and although the stuff we were doing sounded great, I just felt we ran out of steam a little toward the end.” He explained “Everyone wanted to do other things for a bit, so we did. All the other members play on these solo albums, so it's not like we needed a break from other, more the pressure and name of the band. We're constantly trying to live up to something that might not even exist. It's also a break from playing 'Dreaming Of You' for a bit.”

As to when they’ll come back, he said it could be a month or five years. Of course "If anyone is missing The Coral, then they'll have to come to my solo shows because they're all playing with me."

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