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The Cribs gets nostalgic over festivals

In my day...

We’ve had bands getting back together to do nostalgia tours, and now we’ve got bands getting nostalgic themselves. The Cribs spoke to NME ahead of their Reading festival set, and Gary Jarman looked wistfully back on the past:

"Those crusty old hippies, they always had it right… things aren’t what they used to be, man. The festival scene's not what it was. 1997, that was my year – all the freaks and the piercings and all the weird kids from each little town would converge on Reading and not be afraid of being abused. That was what was so awesome about it."

So, if you’re a Reading vet and went then and now, do tell us what you think: have festivals changed, for the better or worse? Is this just a case of "in my day..." But another Jarman, this time Ryan, was more concerned with the change in his own experiences of festivals than the events themselves getting worse:

"When I used to come when I was younger, for me watching the bands was never the main thing. The main thing was being on the campsite. It felt like the festival would really start after the bands finished. So it's weird to come every year now and miss out on that entire aspect of it…it's a shame to miss out on that."

Backstage clearly isn’t all that.

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