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The Day Today reunite for retrospective

The Day Today reunite for retrospective
The Day Today was an era defining satire from the 90s whose skewering of the pomposity of TV news is even more relevant now. We recommend watching it if it’s on streaming, and then going on to the devastatingly accurate follow on by lead presenter Chris Morris: Brass Eye. Oh, and it saw the first appearance of Alan Partridge.
But The Day Today had to start somewhere, and that was On The Hour on Radio 4 in August 1991, thirty years ago… and yes, to celebrate that anniversary the cast have united for a retrospective show. Out on August 15th, and starring at actual British newscaster called Kirsty Wark, the Reunion: The Day Today is 45 mins.
“It was excellent” producer Simon Jarvis said, “really, really fun.” Sounds promising.

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