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The Dead South reveal more of twin Eps

The Dead South reveal more of twin Eps
On March 4th The Dead South will not be releasing an album, they’ll be releasing two six track EPs. The goal of Easy Listening for Jerks Part 1 and 2 is to contrast their alt folk sound with covers of rock classics, which is why they banjo their way through the Doors’ Peoples Are Strange, and Chop Suey by System of a Down by way of Ween…
They’ve still not got a drummer, so we’re fascinated to hear how they power through a SOAD song, but all four of the band handle vocals at different times, the first time they’ve done it. Here’s the tracklist:
Easy Listening for Jerks Part I 
1.     Keep On The Sunny Side
2.     Pallet On The Floor
3.     Will The Circle Be Unbroken
4.     Flint Hill Special
5.     You Are My Sunshine
6.     Matterhorn
Easy Listening for Jerks Part II 
1.     Yahoos and Triangles (Intro)
2.     People Are Strange
3.     Chop Suey
4.     We Used To Vacation
5.     Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
6.     Saturday Night
7.     96 Quite Bitter Beings
Obviously we’re going to bring you a track, so here’s People Are Strange, which is both a brilliant cover and a wonderfully bizarre video:

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