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The Festival of Brexit gets a rebrand

The Festival of Brexit gets a rebrand
Ah yes, the ‘Festival of Brexit’, which was supposed to show off Britain’s strengths after it decided to commit mass suicide and sever the link to the EU, and has instead caused price rises, good shortages, stopped the movement of transport and people and basically fucked us. As you can guess the festival didn’t do very well, despite millions being spent on it.
But just like Brexiteers doubling down and setting out to cause endless arguments with the EU to distract from their failings, the Festival of Brexit is carrying on: only now it’s being rebranded to ‘Unboxed’.
It’s happening March 2020 and has some grand concepts such as a sculpture trail of the solar system in Northern Ireland, and for reasons unknown Weston-super-Mare get… a decommissioned “offshore platform.” As Unboxed boss put it  “Unboxed represents an unprecedented and timely opportunity for people to come together across the UK and beyond and take part in awe-inspiring projects that speak to who we are and explore the ideas that will define our futures.”
Well assuming we can drive there and have anything to eat beforehand.

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