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The Fray’s Heartless Earns Re-Record

The Fray, boring middle of the road pap your aunt would like, or a band who hit upon the magic formula? Either way, they’re reacting to an unexpected hit with a new recording. When the band appeared on BBC Radio 1, a British station, they recorded a cover version of Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’. Much airplay followed and apparently there’s already been 125,000 downloads of it in the US alone (which, we admit, isn’t much for The Fray).

Now they’ve been back in the studio to record a non-live version and it’s getting a digital release on September 28th, along with a music video. It’s pleasant, but you never get the feeling they’re hurting like you did with Kanye. In fact, if we were in a more cynical mood, we might say it’s a song by a black guy covered for people scared of black guys.

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