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The Glastonbury 2022 lineup is fierce and a worthy celebration of the festival

The Glastonbury 2022 lineup is fierce and a worthy celebration of the festival
It’s been a tough old year for festivals, and we’ve experienced ups and downs of Black Deer Festival ourselves. However, and we don’t want to stand on a hill dressed in armour and curse the gods or anything, but it’s looking good for 2022…
…which means Glastonbury can finally get its historical celebration, and boy oh boy does the lineup look worth it. It’s a perfect set of contrasts, a bill where Billie Eilish plays alongside Paul McCartney, a field where Kendrick Lamar performs in the vicinity of Diana Ross, a place where Amyl and the Sniffers get on the second line of the bill (okay, it’s alphabetical, but that’s not the point.)
So, who are we most excited for? I mean goodness, it changes by the moment. Personally, I’d love to see Jarv… Is and Olivia Rodrigo, which would be my own someone I’ve seen before and someone new, and the beauty of this diverse bill is the whole Supajam team think something different and we will end up in different fields not caring about an outside world for four days. 
A magical mystery tour, as ever. And yes, they really do say there’s going to be more than one hundred stages. The only bad thing about Glastonbury: you’ve not got time for everything.

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