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The Good The Bad and The Queen are going to tackle Brexit

The Good The Bad and The Queen are going to tackle Brexit
Damon Albarn continues his necromancer act, bringing old projects back to life. We’ve had Blur and Gorillaz, and now we’re going to get The Good, The Bad and the Queen, the supergroup of Albarn, Paul Simonon of the Clash and others. 
Obviously that’s great, but if you found their debut, and so far only, album a bit nostalgic, ready yourself for what’s coming, because it’s going to tackle Brexit. As Albarn told Consequence of Sound, he’s been working on the record for three years but “Brexit has obviously given us a wonderful starting point.”
This is a notable quote because in 2014 Damon said the album was written, so he must be starting again. Yes please Damon, yes please.

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