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The KLF are back: tickets on Sunday

The KLF are back: tickets on Sunday
The KLF are back! Err, don’t start thinking of gigs and singles and stuff, because this is the KLF, it’s more complicated. So to recap, they were some of the 80s most unconventional hitmakers, they didn’t act like popstars should, and they once burned a million pounds because they bloody well could. There’s been rumours of a return, but now they’ve announced… well what is it?
It’s a three day event, and that’s as descriptive as we can get. Not a gig, but August 23 to 25th will see  ‘Liverpool: Welcome To The Dark Ages’ run by the KLF under their Justified Ancients of Mu Mu guise, with only 400 tickets (“all ticket holders are volunteers” their video declares), and each day has a theme: 23 – Why Did The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid?, 24 – 2023: What The Fuuk Is Going On?, 25 – The Rites of MuMufication.
Tickets on sale on Sunday from 11:23. Literally anything could happen. Yes, even the end of the world.

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