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The Katy Perry LP cover is weirder than you’d expect

The Katy Perry LP cover is weirder than you’d expect
Katy Perry has had some quirky looks over the years, but her new LP has a cover that could have come from a Pan Horror collection in the 1970s. I.e. great, but not what you’re expecting. It’s above, and you’ll notice her new cropped blonde hair, the fact her eyes are covered with her fingers, and who the fuck are we kidding you saw the eyeball in her mouth first.
Sadly, in the age of photoshop she didn’t need an eyeball in her mouth to get that image, but it’ll certainly liven up a trip round Tesco. 
We should point out this hasn’t been officially released by the record label and appeared on Amazon, so it’s subject to change. To something kiddies can buy.

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