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The Kinks to reunite for Glastonbury Festival 2017 headline?

The Kinks to reunite for Glastonbury Festival 2017 headline?

Rumours are suggesting that the Kinks may reunite to headline Glastonbury Festival 2017.

The 60s icons have been broken up since 1996, however, singer Ray Davies joined his brother on stage briefly at Islington Assembly Hall. This has paved way for scores of rumours.

Ray Davies addressed this event to the Evening Standard earlier this year, saying; “I’m still trying to live that down. I joined him on stage briefly but it would be overly romantic to think it was because of the show or to start talking about a reunion.”

In a new interview with a British tabloid, Davies seemed to dangle the carrot a little: “David and I will definitely work together again,” Ray revealed. “And we want to play live.”

Continuing, he said, “Maybe The Kinks could play Glastonbury.” Emily and Michael Eavis are yet to respond to the comment.

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