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The Kunts unveil Christmas Number One Campaign

The Kunts unveil Christmas Number One Campaign
The one man band that was Kunt and the Gang toiled away for many years at the coalface of ‘impossible to play on the radio’ profane comedy songs, until 2020 when he managed to get to number 5 in the actual official singles chart with protest song Boris Johnson is a Fucking Cunt. Yes, it didn’t get played on the chart show.
Well, Kunt has morphed into punk band The Kunts, and they’re back after a Christmas chart placing with the factually accurate Boris Johnson is Still A Fucking Cunt. It’ll be available to stream on November 17 and isn’t too long for maximum repetition to boost that chart success, but there is a music video… No idea why Ghostbusters are in it.
If you haven’t guessed, this isn’t one for the kid’s nativity.

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